Sophomore Collection: The Regal Blend

Showcased at the “Reach” Fashion Show: 2016 at The Gate Mall, Doha, Qatar.

Look 1 and 2: ( centre and right)

Inspiration: The theme of the show focused on looking back into the past and choose of

period of fashion, this influenced the choice of silhoutte and details. The period of fashion

i chose was “ The Edwardian Era (1901-1910).”

Fabric selection: I chose traditional fabric that was representative of my heritage i.e India.

I choose Chanderi silk from Madhya Pradesh, India, zari embroidery on net and combined

it with trims that included detailed mirror work.

Original Print: In this process i got an oppurtunity to create an original print which was a

simplified version of my core inspiration “ The Edwardian Crown”.

Look 3: (left)

Zero- Waste: The third look was created using the left over fabrics from look 1 and 2

without separating them and by merely manipulating the fabric using the folding and

tucking method.

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